“Grave Yard” DoReCo version preview

As mentioned above this track is the more advanced version of the DoReCo meeting theme but still not finished and probably never will be. Finally I decided that this track has to go to the posion cabinet because it does not really fit a theme song like originally intended. It is more like a bad done remix from “Grave Yard” with some vintage computer related voice samples in it. Nothing to be very proud of I guess.
Btw many thanks to Sandra who whispered the “DoReCo” phrase. 🙂

Jeroen Tel In Space (too early demo version)

When starting to work on a remix, this is what usually one of the first demo version might sound. Trying to find a good instrumentation to the track.

This demo version later became the official “JT In Space (Man On The Moon ReDub)” which you can find on the official playlist page.

“Crying Spy” Work in Progress

This is a new WIP track I thought I’d post today. This one is from 2011 and is just a study, if the orchestral genre would fit to this module.

The module itself is from an Amiga demo by Crionics. Since 2011 I never worked again on that tune. Maybe I’ll find the time and do some virtual orchestral work and finish this tune some day. Who knows?!



Grave Yard DoReCo version test preview thing

As you might know, I do regularly attent to the local “DoReCo” meeting (Dortmunter Retro Computer Treffen). It is a big party where all peeps bring in their old hard- and software shit from the early days of computing and have a good time for two or three days. I always wanted to create a theme song for this meeting so I tried something with a legendary Amiga track called “Grave Yard” from the Crusaders demo “Bacteria”. It ended up not being finished so it was never used a the theme song but now for everybody to enjoy here. The track is the first version of this DoReCo track. You’ll find one of the later versions right below this one.

New remix “PCW-Tune 88 (Tribute To Edwin)” released!

If you think of Commodore 64 music, there are some well know names you encounter again and again and again.
Naturally those big names are target for any remixer to produce their remixes from.

But lets not forget about those people who also did a great job composing amazing SID tunes, but never had the pleasure to become so popular like Rob Hubbard, Matt Gray, Martin Galway – just to name a few.

One of them certainly is Mr. Edwin van Santen (E.W.S) of 20th century composers (20CC). He did some amazing tunes back in the days.
His tune PCW-Tune 88 was originally composed for a 20CC compilation demo in order to promote themselves among game producers at Londons Personal Computer Word 1988 (hence the name PCW-Tune).
After listening to this tune for the first time it quickly caught my attention and got stuck into my head forever. It has that special something that makes it a nice tune to listen to.

PCW-Tune 88 was on my remix list for a very long time. I am so glad that Árok remix competition took place this year so I had no excuse to push my private deadline for finishing this remix any further! 😉

The original track is quite fast (around 156 BPM) but I decided to take the slow route and went for 96 BPM.
Being no genre specific guy (never was) I’ll leave it to you to decide what genre this track might fit in.

Sadly, Edwin van Santen passed away in 2006 being only 32 years old.
Thank you for the music, Edwin.

This remix scored 202 points and finally ranked #7 at Árok&SlayRadio online remix competition 2020.
Thanks everyone for voting!

Greetings, peace and love to the whole SlayRadio/Árok family…


“PCW-Tune 88” (Tribute To Edwin) remix @Remix64

“PCW-Tune 88” (Tribute To Edwin) remix @RKO

Direct Download

Official YouTube video for “PCW-Tune 88 (Tribute To Edwin)”


New remix “Kinetix (Butt Slap Mix) released!

The original SID-Tune of Jeroen Tel’s Kinetix is about 12 minutes long and has that looooooong, repetetiv intro sound.
This intro sound was perfect as the base of this Kinetix remix.

When first listening to the original SID, I heard the world famous Amen break in my head playing along with that intro sound.
I decided to create an uptempo ‘umphish’ remix out of the original SID and I think the genre/style works well with this remix.

This remix scored 189 points and finally ranked #12 at Árok&SlayRadio online remix competition 2020.
Thanks everyone for voting!

Greetings, peace and love to the whole SlayRadio/Árok family…

Thanks for listening.

“Kinetix” remix @Remix64

“Kinetix” remix @RKO

Direct Download

Official YouTube video for “Kinetix”

New remix “Dominando (Bit-Live 2019 Remix) released!

Dominando is kind of a mashup between the Commando subtune #2 (also well known as the highscore tune) and Dominator main theme from Matt Gray. I did this remix exclusively for BIT-Live 2019 remix competition. Competiton rules stated that it has to be either a remix of a tune by Rob Hubbard or Matt Gray, or be a remix that includes identifiable parts from at least 2 tunes composed by either Rob Hubbard or Matt Gray. So I decided to mix up the two tunes that means most to me from each composer. Because they are different in tempo I decided the tempo of the remix to be 135 BPM so it has some kind of danceability. Hey it was supposed to be played at a party, wasn’t it?! ?

It took me roughly about 38 work hours from start to finish (including mixing and mastering).

Because Dominando was my very first remix project in FL-Studio, my sincere thanks go to Christian Zwang a.k.a. CZ-Tunes. You helped me immensely with your knowledge about FL-Studio when I was lost and gave a superb introduction into the program.

Finally I’d like to thank each and every person who voted for this track at BitLive-2019!!!