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That’s DMC! :

Born in 1972 I am super glad that I was able to experience the eighties and nineties with all it’s glamour, style and music.

I started my computer life with a Commodore C16, then got a Commodore C128 and finally a Commodore Amiga 500. All the machines had one thing in common (except the C16) :
They were fantastic machines to make music on and so I did. Compsing my first SIDs on the commodore C128 (in C64 mode), later diving deep into that sample thing that everybody talked about and started to make music with my Amiga 500 and Sound-Tracker (later Pro-Tracker).

Today I am using a PC/Mac as my main studio computer. But the Amiga and C64 are always at my side. I mostly do remixes of C64 and Amiga Songs and publish them here / on Soundcloud / RKO and sometimes on YouTube.

You can find some of my old Amiga songs (and all the other stuff) at my soundcloud account.

Maybe some of my work is hitting your ear and lets you have a good time listening to my music/remixes.

Feel free to contact me.

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